Since 1990, we've been delivering a comprehensive range of house painting and varnishing services. Utilizing top-tier materials, we ensure quality finishes for a variety of surfaces including facades, roofs, silos, and crane runways. Our expertise extends to interior spaces, covering everything from flats to industrial buildings, plasterboard, window frames, doors, and flooring.

Specializing in both interior and exterior varnishing, we excel in refinishing log homes and quaint cottages with natural-based materials. Our service offerings include:
  • Varnishing for wooden buildings, log homes, and cottages
  • Facade painting
  • Construction and roof coatings
  • Painting for service halls
  • Cyclone and silo coatings
  • Interior painting
  • Painting of windows and doors
With a roster of satisfied clients who repeatedly choose our services, our company prides itself on responsible, professional, and reliable performance. Experience our work firsthand to assess its quality - we prioritize meeting client requirements and expectations, always ready to recommend the optimal solution. Reach out to us for a detailed budget tailored to your specific needs. For any inquiries, don't hesitate to get in touch.